June 12, Helsinki, LYMY
Conversation | Beyond the City of Enclaves w/ Deepmay, Atlanta Forest Defenders, Luna6, Woodbine

May 26, London, Mayday Rooms
Discussion | Commonist Horizon w/ Anthony Iles, Josephine Berry, Noah Brehmer

April 23, Athens, Historical Materialism
Panel | Commonist Horizon w/ Saskia Fischer, Stavros Stavrides, Anthony Iles, Noah Brehmer

March 26, NYC, Woodbine
Discussion |  Conversation on Commons

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The Commonist Horizon: Futures Beyond Capitalist Urbanization

Editors: Mary N. Taylor and Noah Brehmer
Publishers: Common Notions and Lost Property
Published: December 2022 

Emerging from a process initiated by the Naujininkai Commons Collective in Vilnius, the book carries these transversal connections shaped across multi-scale, multi-modal movement and everyday formations, and is composed of five interventions by movement thinkers. We suggest our individual and collective readers move through it as a dérive.
Paths to Autonomy

Editors: Noah Brehmer and Vaida Stepanovaite (asist.ed.)
Publishers: Minor Compositions / Autonomedia and Lost Property
Published: August 2022 

Paths to Autonomy began in 2020 as an effort to think autonomisms manifold paths through assemblies and readings situated in the post-state-socialist, Eastern European context of Lithuania. In Paths to Autonomy you will find excavations of this parallel history of Eastern autonomism; dialogues between the militants in the East and the global autonomist movement; and critical interventions in contemporary autonomist theory.

ABOUT        Lost Property Press is a publishing platform with a communal itch. Operating from Vilnius Lithuania, LPP is committed to cultivating shared notions and strategies between movements in the post-state-socialist east and beyond. More than producing books – the reification of social knowledge as property – LPP is into durational, paracademic, mutinous publishing processes. 

LPP books are distributed by our co-publishers around the world. Details on purchasing each book can be found at the bottom of a given title’s page. We are also invested in supporting the growth of publishing and distribution platforms based in eastern europe; following unorthodox distribution strategies and channels. If you have an idea for a collaboration, or would like to order books for your bookshop, social center, gallery, or library feel free to drop us an email. 
Common Notions (US)
Minor Compositions/Autonomedia (UK/US)